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 Here and Now --Monday, November 28, 2011

Egyptians Vote Amid Uncertainty Over Army’s Role

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"Egyptians from almost every social class and religious community turned out in unexpectedly large numbers Monday for the first fully free elections in the country’s history, with extensive police and army personnel present to prevent violence.

Lines in some places stretched for blocks, despite the days of unrest over the military’s insistence that it will keep its current powers after the...

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 RIGHTS GONE WRONG: How Law Corrupts the Struggle for Equality. By Richard Thompson Ford. (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $27.) The Stanford professor argues that the progressive left and the colorblind right are guilty of the same error: defining discrimination too abstractly and condemning it too categorically, with similarly perverse results. 


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Misunderstanding Racial Justice

"There’s no more polarizing legal battle in America today than the one over the meaning of discrimination. On the left, many progressives insist that any policies and practices that disadvantage people on the basis of race, sex, age or disability should be illegal, and some have carried this principle to illogical extremes — suing to block ladies’ nights at singles bars, for example, or even to forbid Mother’s Day. On the right, many conservatives insist that the Constitution is so colorblind that the government may never take race into account under any circumstances, and the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts has carried this principle to similarly illogical extremes — claiming that...

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 Great Waters: An Atlantic Passage and Smithsonian Ocean author Deborah Cramer's ON THE EDGE: A Tiny Bird, An Ancient Crab, And An Epic Journey, which follows the Red Knot, a bird the size of a cell phone that flies a distance as far as the moon over the course of its lifetime, and untangles the mysteries of its seemingly impossible migration, to Jean Thomson Black at Yale University Press, by Wendy Strothman at The Strothman Agency(World English).

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Children's / Young Adult: Sashi Kaufman's debut GO WEST, the story of a classic underachiever who hits the breaking point of parental mismanagement and runs away on a spontaneous road trip with a group of dumpster-diving street performers, to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab, by Lauren MacLeod at The Strothman Agency (World)

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The zombies with six legs

The human undead have nothing on the creepiness of some insects, which routinely do things too grotesque even for horror movies.

By Marlene Zuk, October 31, 2011,  Los Angeles Times

"As the popularity of vampires wanes, zombies seem to be coming into their moment. "The Walking Dead" has become a hit show on AMC. Atlanta is trying to...
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The Splendid Table, October 15, 2011 

"Marlene Zuk, author of Sex on Six Legs and a life-long lover of insects teaches us the ways we are dependent on insects for our food." 

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 Author of National Book Award-finalist THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA, which Stephen Spielberg and Tony Kushner are adapting into a feature, Brown University professor David Kertzer's THE POPE AND MUSSOLINI, based on more than five years of research in the Vatican Archives, portraying the co-dependent relationship between Pius XI and Mussolini from 1922 and 1939, revealing for the first time how each man relied on the other to consolidate his power and pursue his political goals, to David Ebershoff at Random House, by Wendy Strothman of The Strothman Agency (World English).

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 James Barilla's BACKYARD JUNGLE: Our 21st Century Urge to Invite Nature Back to Our Cities and Suburbs, which asks if humans and the natural world ever really peacefully coexist side by side, to Jean Thomson Black at Yale University Press, by Wendy Strothman atThe Strothman Agency (World English).

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Mating chirps, fighting sperm, hero ants - it's sex and society in the insect world

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