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 "The winner of the 2013 Seymour Medal is Banzai Babe Ruth by Robert K. Fitts. It is the story of the famous trip of an American League all-star team, featuring Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx and Lefty Grove, which barnstormed Japan in November 1934. While the focus of the book is on the details of the trip and the reception the American stars received in Japan, an underlying story of the political climate in the land of the Rising Sun provides some answers to the question "How did the United States and Japan go to war seven years later when they had this mutual love of the game?" Fitts gives the reader an amazing detail of the trip, which has been merely a footnote in baseball history until now. It is a well-written story of baseball, politics and American and Japanese culture. There are many photographs of the events of the trip as well as a number of Japanese players....

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 Floating Ideas: ‘Soundings,’ About Marie Tharp, by Hali Felt

"The only thing mid-20th-century scientists disliked more than being wrong was being told they were wrong by a woman. Marie Tharp, barely acknowledged in her life and nearly forgotten since her death in 2006, frustrated her male colleagues on both fronts. Working at a time when female scientists set off reflex skepticism, Tharp drafted the first comprehensive map of the ocean floor, which led to the acceptance of the once-mocked, now fundamental theory of continental drift. Not bad for someone whose discoveries were initially dismissed as “girl talk.”

Hali Felt’s vividly written biography-­with-creative-indulgences...

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 Best nonfiction books of 2012

By Kate TuttleDECEMBER 29, 2012

Everyone has been talking about what a great year it was for fiction, but nonfiction had its stars as well. Amid a number of glorious blockbusters — the kind of books, like Andrew Solomon’s “Far From the Tree” or Katherine Boo’s “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” that marry daunting amounts of reporting and research with gorgeous, novelistic prose — were dozens of smaller gems. In fact, smallness itself seems to be a growing trend in nonfiction, whether in a venerable series such as Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introduction books or in newer forms, particularly the brief paperback originals that accompany or follow e-books. We will see more of these, especially in narrative nonfiction, as the boundaries between print and online publishing continue to soften.


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Lizzie Friend's POOR LITTLE DEAD GIRLS, a thriller about a girl who investigates a disappearance at her posh DC boarding school, only to uncover a twisted political conspiracy and the truth about her own family, to Jacquelyn Mitchard at Merit Press, by Lauren MacLeod at The Strothman Agency (NA)

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 12th Annual Massachusetts Book Awards

Reading, Discussing & Celebrating Books Published in 2011

The Must-Read Books for 2012 were announced on May 9, 2012, at the Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference. The award winners in each of the categories were announced on September 14, 2012.

Nonfiction Award

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money,  a work of literary immersion journalism by Maureen P. Stanton, is an intimate insider's view of flea-markets, antiques, and one man's livelihood. Stanton accompanies and assists an old college friend as he buys and sells antiques at Brimfield flea-markets, auctions, estate sales, and on The Antiques Road Show, convincingly conveying his passion for and knowledge of antiques and their lasting value.


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Holiday books roundup: Critics' choice

November 24, 2012 - 3:34 PM

Our top ten book critics each offer a suggestion for one remarkable book.

"William Craig's debut book, Yankee Come Home: On the Road From San Juan Hill to Guantanamo (Walker), is a delicious bouillabaisse that blends history, memoir, travelogue and political broadside. Craig is a vocal anti-imperialist, a powerful critic of the 2003 U.S. invasion, and subsequent occupation of Iraq, which he regards as only the latest in a string of hubristic U.S. imperial misadventures that he traces back to 1898 in Cuba (the Spanish-American War)."


To read the rest of the choices, click here

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 A Wintry Mix: Alan Cheuse Selects The Season's Best

by  (NPR: Books)

November 29, 2012


Christmas at Eagle Pond

by Donald Hall and Mary Azarian

Hardcover, 78 pages

"At the top of the stack on my book table rests a slender volume, a 70-page novella, Christmas at Eagle...

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A Book To Break The Gun Control Stalemate

by NPR STAFF, November 18, 2012 8:00 AM


Americans own an estimated 300 million guns. It's a level of gun ownership that no other country in the world comes close to matching. It's also a source of controversy in the U.S., where groups on both sides of the issue seem to have dug deep into the debate.

Now, a new book tries to break the stalemate. InLiving With Guns: A Liberal's Case for the Second Amendment, Craig Whitney explores areas where the two opposing sides might find common ground, and even compromise. Whitney, a former New York Times editorjoins NPR's Rachel Martin to discuss the complexities of the debate and possible solutions.

Listen to or read the...

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 In his first acquisition as a senior editor at Da Capo, Dan Ambrosio, who joined the company a few weeks ago, bought world rights to Alfie Kohn’s Fear of Spoiling from agent Wendy Strothman at the Strothman Agency. The book, scheduled for 2014, is subtitled Coddled Kids, Helicopter Parents, and Other Urban Myths; the publisher said that the author “dispels the widespread belief that overparenting and overindulgence has produced a generation of children who think too highly of themselves even as they’re incapable of making their way in the world.” The book, Da Capo added, also re-examines the parenting and education choices that have shaped this impression.

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Former NYT Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse and Columbia Law Professor Michael Graetz's UNEQUAL PROTECTIONS: The Last Legacy of Warren Burger's Court, to Bob Bender at Simon & Schuster, in a good deal, at auction, by Wendy Strothman of The Strothman Agency (World English).
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