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This isn't one of ours, but this book trailer for IT'S A BOOK by Lane Smith is not to be missed.

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Download James K. Galbraith's  paper, The Future of the American Economy,  for the Scholars' Strategy Network by clicking here.

Event information:

Debating How to Spur Innovation, Growth, and Jobs

September 30, 2010 4:00pm-6:00pm
Harvard University
Tsai Auditorium, CGIS South Bldg.
Room S-010, Concourse Level
1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA

What do the best projections tell us about growth, employment, and sources of economic innovation over the next one to two decades—and what public policies can spur improved outcomes for all Americans? The Network has commissioned four scholars and policy experts to present findings...

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The Tight Collar: The New Science of Choking Under Pressure

By David Dobbs, September 27, 2010,  Neuron Culture--

"...A kind of queen of choke..., she has spent much of her time exposing and
exploring mechanisms [of choking]. Her labs include a putting room where she
can find a way to make virtually anyone screw up putts that were easy just
moments before. 'Choking is so clearly mental.' says Beilock. 'It's a lot
more complicated than just 'Don't think about it.'
    There are chokes that rise not from overthinking but from poor thinking.
She offers evidence both anecdotal and experimental. Faulty thinking amounts
to a different sort of choke: a disruption of quick but vital data-checks,
calculations, and recalibrations--a failure of cognition... Call it a
    [Her work] is a vision of athletic performance both alluring and

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What Happens Under Pressure

"It is a situation we have all witnessed or experienced firsthand. The make-or-break moment arrives. The decisive at-bat, the well-rehearsed concert performance, the public speech. Then suddenly—aaarggh. It all goes wrong. The ball whistles past, the fingers slide all over the keyboard, the voice becomes an inarticulate mumble. You are now a choker. You have failed in the clutch.

... For people in the world of business, Ms. Beilock's recommendations include careful and repeated practice; writing down your worries to make them explicit and to stop them distracting you under stress; and not worrying about what you cannot control. In sports, she recommends distracting yourself so that you don't over-think your mechanics; keeping a steady rhythm; and...

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The Non-Economist's Economist

" ...This new collection of Galbraith's works is the first of its kind. Never before in 207 previous titles had the Library of America chosen to publish an economist. Then, again, Galbraith, who died in 2006, at age 97, was the noneconomist's economist. In these pages you will find the minimum of technical jargon and not one differential equation. Collected are "American Capitalism," first published in 1952; the "Great Crash"; "The Affluent Society," which dates from 1958; and "The New Industrial State," which first appeared in 1967...."

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Click here to listen to Sian Beilock, author of CHOKE:  What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To talk  about why we "choke" when stressed. She paints a portrait of how people handle -- successfully or unsuccessfully -- life's daily pressures.

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CHOKE, Diane Rehm

Dear Foreign Publishers and Agents,

Though The Strothman Agency, LLC won’t be attending Frankfurt this year, we would be happy to email you a copy of our rights guides. Please email info(At)strothmanagency(dot)com and specify whether you would like to see the guides for the Children’s or Adult titles, or both. We look forward to seeing you in London.


The Strothman Agency

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Fiction: Mystery/Crime: Stanford Law professor and author of Errors and Omissions, Paul Goldstein's HAVANA RUM, to Thomas LeBien at Farrar, Straus, in a two-book deal, by Wendy Strothman at The Strothman Agency (World English).

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Jonathan Hansen’s GUANTANAMO BAY AND THE MAKING OF MODERN AMERICA, the first full history of Guantanamo’s transformation from bay to U.S. naval base to prison camp, Guantanamo’s role in transforming the United States from isolated colonial outpost to global superpower, and Cuba’s attempts to realize its independence from U.S. imperialism, at auction, to Dan Crissman at Hill and Wang, in a very nice deal, by Wendy Strothman of The Strothman Agency.


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High Strung

The inexplicable collapse of a tennis phenom

By Tom Perrotta, The Atlantic

"... I asked Sian Beilock, a psychologist at the University of Chicago and the author of the forthcoming book Choke, how world-class athletes like Ivanovic, who have spent thousands of hours perfecting a skill, could flail so helplessly. Her answer was deceptively simple: they’re thinking too much. To hit a 120-mph serve, a player must allow the body to do what it has been trained to do. Thinking mid-serve causes “paralysis by analysis,” an attack on performance by the prefrontal cortex, which, in an attempt to control closely synchronized neural activities and muscle twitches, instead sabotages them. “We all know how to shuffle down the stairs,” Beilock told me. “But if I ask you to think about how your knee is bending while you do it, there’s a good...

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