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Brown University neuroscientist Seth Horowitz's OF SOUND MIND, showing how our sense of hearing manipulates the way we think, consume, sleep, and feel, and why some sounds make us cringe while others make us happy, to Benjamin Adams at Bloomsbury, by Wendy Strothman at The Strothman Agency (World).

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Moying Li has won a Massachusetts Book Award for Nonfiction for her memoir SNOW FALLING IN SPRING (FSG).

SNOW FALLING IN SPRING traces Li's coming of age in China during the Cultural Revolution and her eventual emigration to the U.S. in her 20s.

Congratulations, Moying!

To read the press release and find out about the other award winners, click here.



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"The Rejecter" has written a great post about writing a synopsis and the things that are important to remember (including several reasons why you shouldn't worry so much  about it). 

If you are getting ready to write a synopsis of your work, or just one of those authors who worries about it, I highly suggest you check out The Rejecters post: The Infamous Synopsis.

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James Scott and his father John Scott discuss the attack on the Liberty and James' experiences interviewing John, a surviving Liberty officer.

To watch the Fox News interview, click  here.

Make sure to also check out Jame's guest posts on this blog about how family letters helped him write the book.

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Author Michael Kodas stopped by our office last month to discuss the dark underside of Mount Everest and the book he wrote exposing the thieves, prostitutes, con men, and blackmailers who thrive on the mountain.

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THE ATTACK ON THE LIBERTY author James Scott's THE WAR BELOW, about the perils of submarine warfare in the Pacific during WWII, to Bob Bender at Simon & Schuster, by Wendy Strothman at The Strothman Agency (World English).

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I've been meaning to link to this for a few days now. Last week agent Nathan

Check out Nathan's list (with additions from his readers) here:

Revision Checklist

Happy revising!

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We hit upon what an author platform is in our FAQs, but agent Rachelle Gardner has posted extensively on the subject on her blog, today discussing again why this is so important for writers:

"You want to sell a book? Take this seriously. You don't have to have a television show or be on the radio. You don't have to be a celebrity. But you DO have to have a good book, AND you have to be able to sell it."

Read our brief explanation of  an author platform here: What is "platform"?

Read Rachelle's entire blog post here: The Dreaded Author Platform.

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The Hunt for That Genie in a Bottle

By TERRY TRUCCO, New York Times, June 10, 2009

"... Some think this is the perfect time for the industry to get back to the essence of fragrance: its emotional wallop. Marketers should help consumers learn to connect a fragrance to a special moment, said Rachel Herz, author of The Scent of Desire: Discovering our Enigmatic Sense of Smell. She suggests they find a way to persuade consumers to buy a new fragrance to celebrate an important event. “Every time you put it on you’ll remember that fantastic honeymoon in Hawaii,” she said.

And maybe then the fragrance industry can get its magic back."

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A guest post by author James Scott.

My recently completed book, The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel’s Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship, proved to be an interesting marriage of investigative reporting and family history. The Liberty was a spy ship sent into the Middle East in 1967 to monitor what we now know as the Six-Day War. On the fourth day of the war between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the Israelis strafed and torpedoed the Liberty as it steamed in international waters, killing 34 men and injuring 171 others in what is still a highly controversial affair.

I have a personal connection to the story: My father was an engineering officer on the Liberty. He was awarded the Silver Star for his efforts to prevent the ship from sinking, an impressive accomplishment for a young man who happened to celebrate his 24th birthday the day of the attack.

The book’s research involved gathering...

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