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The sea is all around you, even if you live inland, far from the coast. It's in places you least expect: Yankee Stadium, the gas in your car, the land you walk, even the air you breathe. It's in the marble of sculptors, the foundation of sky scrapers, and in each and every cell of your body. The Sea Around You begins to show you where, and how. Dive in! Join us!  Use this interactive map to find our sites, and then add your own! ...

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Deborah Cramer will speak at the Newburyport Literary Festival on April 25th, in Newburyport, Mass.

In addition to Cramer, on the roster for this year's festival are literary luminaries from every genre. To name just a few, this includes Anita Shreve, Julia Alverez, Elinor Lipman, Richard Bausch, Peter Orner, Lewis Turco, Anne Easter Smith, David Crouse, Junot Diaz, and Andre Dubus III.


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