Advocates for books that matter.

The Strothman Agency, LLC is a highly selective literary agency operating out of New York and Nashville, TN dedicated to advocating for authors of significant books through the entire publishing cycle.

Wendy Strothman is widely respected in the publishing industry for her editorial eye, her business acumen, her indefatigable championing of writers and her turnaround of two storied publishing houses: Beacon Press and Houghton Mifflin where she edited Philip Roth and John Kenneth Galbraith.


The Strothman Agency seeks out scholars, journalists, and other acknowledged and emerging experts in their fields.

To submit a query, please read our submission guidelines.

Featured Books

  • Essays After Eighty
    Donald Hall

    "As this book shows, Hall—who sometimes puts his essays through more than 80 drafts—has not lost his touch. Laconic, witty, and lyrical,...

  • Capturing Music: The Story of Notation
    Thomas Forrest Kelly

    In today’s digital landscape, we have the luxury of experiencing music anytime, anywhere. But before this instant accessibility and...

  • Flicker: Your Brain on Movies
    Jeffrey Zacks

    How is it that a patch of flickering light on a wall can produce experiences that engage our imaginations and can feel totally real? From...

  • Frenzy
    Robert Lettrick

    14-year-old Heath Lambert is spending his summer at Camp Harmony in the picturesque Cascade Mountain Valley. It's the perfect place to...

  • Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy
    Kathryn Miles

    The first complete moment-by-moment account of the largest Atlantic storm system ever recorded—a hurricane like no other The sky was lit by...

We offer our clients extensive inside experience and knowledge of both the editorial and business aspects of publishing. We understand:

  • how to create winning proposals
  • how editors and publishers make decisions
  • the economics of publishing
  • the nuances of contracts
  • the importance of focused and strategic marketing and publicity

Publishers place an increased value on our properties due to our selectivity.

Our list includes Pulitzer Prize winners David Brion Davis and Anthony Lewis, New York Times Bestselling author James K. Galbraith, former Poet Laureate Donald Hall, The Estate of double-Caldecott Medalist Barbara Cooney, The Estate of famed economist John Kenneth Galbraith, preeminent historian Martha A. Sandweiss, and physicist Walter Lewin.

We stay involved throughout the entire publishing process.

We work closely  with the publisher to assure that our authors have a voice in critical design, publicity, and marketing decisions.

We help clients think long term, to shape successful careers.

Submission Guidelines

Detailed instructions for writers interested in submitting a query to us.

Proposal Writing Suggestions

Our author's guide to writing  Non-Fiction proposals.